McLeod RXT Twin-Disc Clutch w/ Aluminum Flywheel (used)



This RXT twin-disc kit is off my 2007 Mustang GT and has about 2,000 miles on it.

This clutch kit can handle 1000 horsepower and weighs in at only 35.4 pounds (including flywheel and hardware!).

This kit fits Ford modulars and coyotes with 8-bolt crankshafts that are mated to a T56 Magnum or TR6060 with a 26-spline input shaft. This kit will not work with the MT-82 as it has a 23-spline input shaft.

You can check your fitment here: (that is the exact kit I bought).

While McLeod claims this clutch has "smooth engagement", it's more like an on-off switch. It's difficult to casually start from a dead stop with this setup. You have to rev up the engine and ever so slightly release the clutch otherwise you'll bog the engine or blow the tires off. Shifting at 7,000 RPM is a breeze though (see video).

I recommend this clutch kit for autocross, circuit racing, and roll racing. Since this setup is so light, drivetrain noise will be more noticeable, but more horsepower and torque will make it to the ground as it's easier for the engine to spin up such a light and tight assembly.

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