Ramair Deadlight for 05-09 Mustangs - Tinted Hex Pattern (has blemish)

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The Ramair Deadlight significantly and quickly reduces your S197's intake-air temps (IAT's) while moving and provides a modest power increase at higher speeds as positive pressure builds around the intake. It also turns a lot of heads.

And while this is an excellent upgrade for boosted setups where airflow and heat management are critical for maximum output, I don't recommend this upgrade if you don't at least have a cold-air intake.

The inlet tube has a 5-inch opening and a 3.5-inch exit and is made out of ASA plastic which is very resilient to water, sunlight, and debris. I've battle-tested mine for over three months through rain, snow, and road trips and the inlet tube still looks brand new.

Unfortunately a bit of superglue touched the bottom of the inlet on this unit and left a blemish (see pic), so I've discounted the price.

The shield (clear cover) on this particular unit has been wrapped in a light smoked vinyl with a hexagon pattern.

A rubber plug is also included that you can easily insert incase you get caught in a rainstorm (or a snowstorm in my case - see video).

The only thing preventing this unit from being a final production unit (which will cost over $400) is that it's not completely waterproof. If you spray it directly with a pressure washer or use a drive-thru car wash, some water will likely get inside the housing. I recommend using self car washes and avoid spraying the inlet with a pressure washer (a little water is fine).

And incase it's not obvious, this ramair "headlight" does not illuminate.

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